27 Websites that will get your Kickstarter project noticed.


In order for a Kickstarter project to be successful, you must get the word out there.  Creating your project is just the beginning and the real work begins after its launch.  Here is a short list of just a few of the websites that have been very helpful to me over the past few years as a inventor.  They gets hundred or thousands of emails each day so you only get one shot at this.  Take your time and do it right!

Here are a few tips before contacting them:

  1. Make your submission short.
  2. Give them the facts in just a few sentences.
  3. Create a catchy subject line.
  4. Make your submission text interesting so they have something to write about.
  5. Include one (1) image when you can in the email or contact form.  I usually use the Kickstarter project banner to attract attention.


click on each image to be taken to the appropriate contact page


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