Modeling a 1957 Ferrari TR250 chassis for a client

These are the fun projects I get to work on every now and then. A client has many of the parts and a damaged frame and body from a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. He would like to model the entire car in order to rebuild it as accurately as possible.

As with most of my complex projects like this, it usually starts out with some rough designs in Solidworks. Its then a long and complex process of digging up as much information I can about these types of cars. This detective work sometimes even requires me to travel to Italy to meet with the families of the original builders of these cars. Many of the children and grandchildren still work as coach builders and the knowledge and skills they have passed down for generations leaves me humbled.

A rough layout of the Ferrari 250TR main chassis and supports

Obviously, we have a long way to go but I have many tricks up my sleeve including some very rare and hard to find books that offer a few clues to how these cars were originally built.

A very rare copy of “The Machines of Gilberto Colombo”

Most people probably don’t know that Enzo Ferrari did not actually build his cars in the early days. Master coach builders surrounding the town of Modena, Italy did most of this laborious, hand crafted work. Enzo was responsible for the engine and drivetrains more than anything. It was his improvements to automotive racing technology of the time that made him the legend that he is today.

This project is more of a hobby and a passion of mine. I will post as much information as I can once we make progress with the actual build.

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