Ferrari 250GT

Build Project: Ferrari 250GT

As an inventor, I have spent a great deal of time studying in Italy to look for inspiration. The hand built Italian race cars of the 1950’s and 60’s offer me the opportunity to learn how they were crafted and get inspired by their beauty.

Using a modern approach to this old world talent and charm, I have been able to build some of my own reproductions of these classic cars. Now that this goal have been accomplished, I have been seeking something a bit more challenging that has really never been done before.

It is my plan to fully document the Ferrari 250GT chassis and all the parts associated with it. I then plan to move on and build an aluminum body of my favorite series of car, the 250GT SWB coupe or California convertible.

This section of my website will document this process.

#1539GT-1959: I had the pleasure of privately viewing this car a few years ago. This car has a slight baby blue tint not visible on the photos.

More information on this particularly beautiful SWB can be found on the Talacrest website.

Although I have already built a nice reproduction of the LWB Ferrari California, owning an aluminum bodied 1960-1961 SWB has eluded me for some time now. We all need to have dreams and I am no exception. But like the Invention Therapy tagline says, we need to “turn our ideas into reality”.

The first step in the process is to build the frame so let’s get started now!

An early drawing of the 250GT tubular chassis before correct measurements were taken.


I hope you will enjoy my new project.