What I have learned while living in Italy.


My first and much too short experience while living in Florence, Italy has been one of many discoveries.  While this was already obvious, I have now seen with my own eyes that the world is a big place, with many varieties of cultures, religions and ideas.

Much of the world seems to be heading in a positive direction despite what we hear or read in the news.  Sure, there are regions of the world engaged in war, oppression and other atrocities.   The good news is that for the most part, many young and more fortunate people from these regions are trying to improve their lives by learning the needed skills to be productive and improve their societies.

I hope that Americans will join them in the race and everyone will work hard by educating themselves and learning the skills they need to compete in this new, technology based, world economy.  America must stay in the driver’s seat on this road to the future or risk being left behind.

Because of my new outlook on the world, it is my plan for 2014 to create an educational institution to help people learn those important skills.  I know this is a big challenge but it is time for me to do something special, something new and something I have never done before.

Stay tuned for more updates next year.

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